(Photo: CARLOS ORTIZ/Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

(Photo: CARLOS ORTIZ/Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

Meet 10 winemakers who are pushing

the boundaries of the Finger Lakes


The idea was to start with Chardonnay because I’m passionate about it,” he said. He also is passionate about the oak barrels he purchases from the French cooper Dargaud et Jaegle… “I love the quality that the oak imparts to my wine.”

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Benjamin Riccardi holding a glass of chardonnay alongside barrels

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DOUGLAS HIllstrom’s fingerlakes wine : FLXWINES.INFO

To date, Osmote has produced several Chardonnays, from both Cayuga and Seneca grapes, and a rosé.  What is it about Chardonnay that you find particularly attractive?  Would you say it's your love of the grape or the commercial possibilities?

Chardonnay is a beautiful grape with a great range and I have a great deal of experience working with it in key areas around the world.  I love the grape and I am excited that winemakers around the world all seem to understand, such that if I make a great one, then we can all sit at the table and discuss the wine with a good amount of background for a truly constructive conversation. Commercially, ever since trying the Ravines 2010 Chardonnay, I knew that truly excellent Chardonnay could come from the Finger Lakes.  If I started there, as opposed to with Riesling, I would have more opportunity to be a big fish in a small pond.

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2018 New york Wine classic

best overall chardonnay best unoaked chardonnay

2017 Cayuga lake chardonnay

benny riccardi of osmote:

“i’m just a young guy making wine.”

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For me, the true path to success in winemaking is being ‘low impact’, trying not to add outside materials, caring and thinking about the vineyard all year long.

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( Photo: Alice Schutz/FLXDRINKINGNOW )

(Photo: Alice Schutz/FLXDRINKINGNOW)


Five Finger Lakes dry rosé wines to try for spring

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Riccardi did not use commercial yeast in making the wine, believing that the yeast that occurs naturally in vineyards can represent the region, just as the grapes do. This salmon colored wine has bright, fresh acid and cherry and berry flavors.

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osmote 2014 chardonnay - very good

DOUGLAS HIllstrom’s fingerlakes wine : FLXWINES.INFO